Aulad is a word use in Muslim language for a child. Aulad-e-Narina K Liye – Muslim Dua is a service by the astrologers for the couple who are childless yet. Having a baby in life is unexplainable feeling for the parents because the baby is the one who make a bridge of more love in between husband wife and gives new-new experiences to the parents. Became parents is the desire of every human being and especially a girl  but many time it happen that cause of some issues a couple failed to give a birth to child and issues can be like a lack of wife and husband, situation, destiny and time. But whatever the thing is not having a child in life obviously hurts a husband-wife both and well as their family too. But now a couple doesn’t have to worry about it  we want to suggest them to use Muslim dua for getting baby in their life. Muslim dua is a one of the best remedies which are preferable for the Muslim people because it’s a way to offer a prayer to Allah. And if you have genuine and true desires and wishes, wishes which never have the intention to harm anyone is never defuse by the Allah.


Muslim dua for easy and safe delivery

Giving birth to a child is on the most painful feeling for a girl or a lady. Elder people say that giving birth to child is like a having a new life for a lady because it was an unbearable pain for her, but it’s an important thing for her life and she have to do this anyone can’t do anything with it but as her good wisher, you can pray for her. You can use Muslim dua for easy and safe delivery of her; Muslim dua is really a powerful way to help her to bear this pain easily and give her courage to deal with that terrific situation.