Love marriage word is in controversy sake of have people’s orthodox thinking.  People believe that marriage should be in the same caste along with love marriage doesn’t ever get succeed. This is why; couples are going through love marriage issues. To keep that thing in mind, our specialist suggests Ishtikhara for Love Marriage.  

Yes, Ishtikhara is such a kind of prayer of Islamic that is often used to getting out of obstacles, to keep it away from human beings life which seems impossible.  Ishtikhara resolved all issues of people’s no matter it major or minor.   So whenever you’ll go in the shelter in Muslim astrologer, will suggest your powerful Ishtikhara by which all hurdles or obstacles get out from your love marriage and your parents will consent to make it happens.   As per my personal opinion, you should have to consult with a Muslim specialist at once.

Ishtikhara to sustain love in Love Marriage


After lots of controversies, when a couple gets love marriage, over a year’s survive love and harmony seem like impossible.  However, that thing happens in all relation sake of ups and downs, but other relation gets a support of parents.

Once a while, that kind of issues occurs in a relationship because of having negative energies and ominous planets.  If you are going through such a complicated situation then you must take help of the Ishtikhara to sustain love in Love marriage.

Ishtikhara will resolve all issues from the people live as well help to keep love, harmony, and affection in a relationship and keep away conflict and crisis from your life.  So instantly go in the shelter of the Muslim astrologer and enjoy your married life with joy and affection.